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Benefits Of Hijama Points 129,130,131,132

Hijama points 129, 130, 131 and 132 are located around the feet. Let’s discuss their benefits.

Where to located these Hijama points:

  • 129: This Hijama point is on the back of the feet to the right.

  • 130: This point is located on the side of the heel from inside and outside the ankle.

  • 131: This point is located above the heel bone.

  • 132: This sunnah point is located behind the heel bone.

Hijama Cupping Therapy is an alternative medicine that involves suction from a part of the body. Cups are applied to the skin to facilitate suction. The suction is like a deep tissue massage intended to mobilize the flow of blood and speed up the natural healing process. The benefits of Hijama cupping therapy can not be described in a few words. It is a natural treatment that has a long history.

Benefits of 129,130,131,132 Hijama points

These Hijama points are located around the feet as mentioned above. Let's discuss their benefits.

  • These points reduce inflammation in the legs and feet.

  • These points curtail numbness in the feet.

  • Reduces back pain as well.

  • These points are best to target sciatica pains. Sciatica pain originates in the nerve root of the lumber or sacral spine and may cause inflammation, irritation, compression and stabbing-like pain in the lower back and travels down the thigh, calf and foot.

  • These points also help to lower the effect of tingling feet on the body.

  • Sometimes legs' or feet' ability to sense pressure decreases due to some reasons, these points boost the nerves that carry sensory information to the brain.

  • Neuropathy is a disease of the nervous system in which nerves are damaged or dysfunctioned. This situation often causes weakness, pain and numbness in the hands, feet and legs. Targeting these Hijama points may help to reduce pain and weakness in the legs and feet.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune, inflammatory disease that mainly attacks the joints and causes damage to the joint tissues. Targeting these points along with several other back points aids in scaling down the chronic pain and deformity of the body.

  • Plantar fasciitis causes stabbing heel pain. It involves inflammation of a thick band of tissue called the plantar fascia. Hijama cupping therapy around the feet reduces inflammation in the heel.

  • These Hijama points are very effective for the treatment of gout/uric acid. Al-Kahil sunnah points, lower back points and foot points should be targeted as mostly uric acid crystals attack the big toe of the foot. Some clients feel instant relief from the pain of a gout attack.

  • Leg cramps or muscle cramps can be very painful. They affect an individual’s sleep, daily routine and general quality of life. These Hijama points aid in relaxing the leg muscles and reduce the risk of getting leg cramps.

  • These Hijama points work very well with several major issues in ladies such as hormonal imbalance, irregular periods and menopause.

  • These points can also be targeted for migraines and headaches.

  • These points can also be focussed on prostatic problems in men.

  • Several skin problems such as itching, eczema and psoriasis can also be resolved by focusing on these Hijama points.

  • These Hijama points also help to reduce the swelling in the body. Swelling is the result of inflammation or a build-up of fluid inside the joints.

Hijama is a natural, detox procedure that is very effective in promoting blood circulation, boosting immunity, balancing the body’s hormones, and revitalizing the body.


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