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Benefits of Hijama/Wet Cupping Points No: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.

Hijama cupping therapy is a traditional alternative medical treatment that reduces pain and provides relaxation to the body.

Hijama cupping therapy involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. The suction improves the flow of energy and facilitates the healing process.

The mechanism of cupping therapy works by applying negative pressure on the skin. The negative pressure in the cup increases blood flow, loosens connective tissues, and accelerates the healing process within the body. Cupping therapy sweeps the toxins away from the organs and drives them out of the skin with the help of shallow incisions made on the most superficial layer of the skin (Epidermis).

Hijama points No: 14,15,16,17 are located on the corners of the colon from the lower back & No: 18 is located in the middle of the spine.

Hijama Point No 14: It is located on the right side of the corner of the colon.

Hijama Point No 15: It is located on the left side of the corner of the colon.

Hijama Point No. 16: It is located slightly below Hijama Point No. 14, on the right side of the lumber vertebrae (lower part of the back).

Hijama Point No. 17: It is located slightly below Hijama Point No. 15, on the left side of the lumber vertebrae (lower part of the back).

Hijama Point No. 18: This point is located in the middle of the spine.

Benefits Of Hijama Points No 14, 15, 16, 17, & 18

Let’s discuss the benefits of these hijama points.

As mentioned above, these Hijama points are located around the digestive system, so targeting these points is helpful for digestive health and gut issues. When the cups glide to the abdomen area, it stimulates digestive organs. It promotes contractions that drive food through your digestive tract, promotes the movement of blood and body fluids through organs, and relieves indigestion.

The colon, known as the large intestine, is a part of our digestive system. A long, hollow tube that stores waste as a stool. Many colonial diseases like Irritable bowel syndrome, Diverticulitis, Colonic polyps, Ulcerative Colitis and colon cancer can be targeted by focusing on these hijama points.

Diarrhea can also be treated by applying cups to these points.

These Hijama points are operative for constipation issues. Hijama Cupping therapy is performed on specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, around the navel, at the lower back of the body, over the bladder, and at the Al-kahil sunnah point. The suction inside the cups reaches the soft tissues, muscles and ligaments and lifts the tissues. The tissues are loaded with fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients. When blood circulates in the tissues, it removes dead blood cells and toxins. In a nutshell, it aids constipation.

Applying Hijama cups on these points reduces inflammation and increases blood flow. Hijama influences the formation of blood as it expands red and white blood cells, changes acidic blood into alkaline blood, and purifies it. Hijama cleanses the pathogens and irritants that cause inflammation. When dead blood cells and inflammatory modulators are flushed, it removes pain receptors and provides instant relief, new blood cells, and healthy nutrients that allow the body to repair, rejuvenate, and speed up the healing process.

These Hijama points are also adequate for back pain. Chiropractors, massage therapists, and doctors use cupping therapy to treat back pain. Target the affected area anywhere around the spine. All the muscles get relaxed with increased blood circulation, oxygenation, and lymphatic drainage. Treatment can be done with fixed or moving cupping and Hijama wet cupping.

These points are also suitable for gout or high uric acid. Gout attacks the big toe, but it may affect the whole body. Hijama cupping mobilizes uric acid to be removed from the blood. Cupping increases blood circulation and relieves painful muscle tension.

The immune system is the defence mechanism against infections and other harmful invaders. Our immune system creates inflammation to protect our body from infections. Sometimes autoimmune diseases like certain types of arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and multiple sclerosis, our immune system attacks healthy cells. These hijama points are considered effective in boosting the immune system. Hijama cupping therapy strengthens the resistance and eliminates pathogenic factors to prevent illness. Hijama performed on specific points on the back and front increases immunity by increasing the white blood cells.

Our kidneys eliminate wastes from the body, regulate the body temperature, and pressure of blood, and control the levels of electrolytes in our body. Kidney damage can have a severe impact on the human body. The location of these hijama points is closer to the kidneys, so applying Hijama on these points may aid in repairing damaged kidneys.

These Hijama points also aid in reducing leg pain that results from wear and tear of bones, ligaments or muscles. Some types of leg pains can be linked with lower spine issues. Numbness in the legs is reduced by targeting these points.

Hijama cupping therapy is considered an adequate way to treat different varieties of liver diseases. The liver is our largest internal organ, responsible for crucial functions like filtering harmful chemicals from food, removing toxins from the bloodstream, and storing energy. These Hijama points are targeted at the liver for several liver problems.

As dry cupping is applied, it stretches the lymphatic vessels, relieves the localized congestion, and supplies oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Wet cupping helps to unclog and remove cellular waste, dead blood cells, uric acid, metabolic waste, and toxic waste from the inflamed area.

Hijama cupping therapy has been used to treat a variety of health conditions. Hijama promotes blood circulation, nourishes internal organs, and rejuvenates the body.


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