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Dates With Cucumbers: #Sunnah of The Prophet(PBUH)#

Cucumbers and dates have incredible benefits, as we combine them and eat them together, their benefits are extraordinary.

Ibn-Al-Qayyam, a great scholar mentioned in his book Prophetic Medicine, a hadith relating that the Messenger Of Allah used to eat cucumber with fresh dates. We can call it a Prophetic dish or a snack.

Abdullah Ibn Jaf’ar reported: “ I saw the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, eating fresh dates with cucumbers”. [Sahih Muslim] Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) combined cucumbers with ripe dates saying, “The heat of the latter is reduced by the coolness of the former”. [Bukhari, Ibn Dawood, Muslim and Ibn- Majah]

Ibn al Qayyam narrates in his work, Prophetic Medicine, the health benefits of cucumbers when eaten with dates. He narrates that the cucumber is cold and wet, it should be eaten with something hot and dry like raisins and dates to rectify its negative effects on the body.

Combining foods with their opposite nature and qualities makes the product milder and helps to diminish the harmful side effects.

Ripe dates are hot in the second degree, strengthen the cold stomach, bring thirst, harm the teeth, spoil the blood, and cause headaches, clogs, and pains in the prostate.

Cucumbers are cold and wet in the second degree, which prevents thirst and cools the stomach.

Cucumbers have a cold effect and dates have a hot effect, bringing them together may rectify it and neutralize each other's harm. They are insipid and tasteless, while dates are sweet and combining them can result in a sweet, healthy snack.

Health Benefits of Cucumbers:

  • Increases metabolic rate

  • Prevents constipation

  • Water retention

  • Removes toxic metals

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

  • Controls blood pressure

  • Digestive aid

  • Treatment for skin issues

  • Regulates hair growth

  • Pressing the cucumber slice off the roof of the mouth for 30 seconds eliminates awful odour from the mouth

Health Benefits of Dates:

  • Improves muscular strength

  • Strengthens the bones

  • Cures gastro-intestinal health issues

  • Reduces the wrinkles

  • Boosts the immunity system

  • Anti-aging benefits

  • Promotes healthy hair

  • Brightens complexion

  • Maintains cholesterol levels

Benefits of Cucumber seeds:

Seeds of cucumber are very beneficial for several health problems. When the seeds of cucumber are dried, crushed, and boiled in the water, drinking that water quenches the thirst, helps produce urine, and soothes the pain in the prostate. Powder of cucumber seeds whitens the teeth when brushed with it.

Gain Weight with Cucumber and Dates A combination of cucumber and dates aids in gaining weight. Hazrat Aaishaa’ (RA) narrates: “ My mother wanted me to gain some weight before going (to the home of) Rasoolullah (SAW). Nothing helped me until she fed me fresh dates and cucumber which helped me to gain weight.” In a nutshell, the combination of several foods neutralizes the effect of the cold substance (Cucumber) with the hot (dates). Hot with the cold, the dry with the wet, and the wet with the dry, resulting in a milder substance that is considered one of the best remedies for several health issues.


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