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Nabeez With Dates-A Prophetic, Sunnah Drink

Nabeez is one of the most popular, alkaline Sunnah tonics that Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) used to drink.

Nabeez is a prophetic drink recommended by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Sayydhina Ai’sha (RA) has said: “We would prepare this by putting a handful of dates or raisins into a Mashkeeza. If we prepared Nabeez in the night, the Beloved Prophet (PBUH) would drink it during the day and if we prepared it during the day, He would drink it at night. (Musnad Ahmad, vol. 9, pp. 301, Hadees 24263)”.

Nabeez Ingredients:

  • Dates or raisins, almonds, barley (add whatever you like) Quantity: 3–4 dates

  • Water Quantity: One glass

Method: soak dates overnight, drink the water in the morning and eat the soaked dates as our Prophet (PBUH) used to do.

Preparing Nabeez drink is as simple as soaking dates in a glass of water and drinking it after 12 hours. When dates or raisins are soaked in a glass of water, it sweetens water and softens the dates. Soaked dates release all the minerals and vitamins that make it easy to digest.

Note: Do not mix dates and raisins. Use one at a time.

The drink should be consumed within 12 hours of making it. Long periods of soaking dates or raisins may begin to ferment, leading to the process of brewing alcohol.

Ibn Abbas (radhi Allahu anhu) reported that Nabeez was prepared from raisins for Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the waterskin and he would drink it on that day and on the next day and the day following and when it was the evening of the third day, and he would drink it and give it to (his Companions) and if something was left over, he threw that away. Sahih Muslim Book 23 Hadith 4974

Benefits of Nabeez Drink

  • It is an alkaline tonic that removes acidity from the stomach.

  • This drink is one of the best detoxifying agents.

  • It enhances digestion as it is rich in soluble fibre and promotes the elimination of metabolic waste from the body.

  • It helps to relieve constipation.

  • It protects against chronic illnesses.

  • It is very effective in excreting toxins from the body.

  • It improves bone and brain health and also helps to reduce tumour-cell invasion.

  • It helps to strengthen the memory.

  • It helps to control high levels of uric acid (gout).

  • The drink aids in treating arthritis and naturally alleviates pain and stiffness.

  • Drinking Nabeez early in the morning helps to maintain energy levels throughout the day.

  • Nabeez hydrates the body. It is recommended to consume it during Ramadan to hydrate the body after a full day of fasting.

  • It is good for heart health and protects against cancer, osteoporosis and acidity.

  • It helps to boost low iron levels. Iron stabilizes metabolism, red blood cells and the production of hemoglobin.

  • Potassium in Nabeez water maintains blood pressure.

  • Nabeez is a natural alkaline water that balances the body’s PH levels.

  • The powerful content of dates in Nabeez strengthens the muscles of the uterus, making it an excellent choice for pregnant women. Breastfeeding mothers should also consume Nabeez to enhance the quality of breast milk.

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) liked Nabeez to be made at the beginning of the night and would drink it in the morning of the next day. Nabeez is made with dates that are soaked in water; to sweeten the water and it is used both in drinks and foods. Nabeez benefits in strengthening the body and preserving the health. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not drink the Nabeez more than three days old, which might have started to decompose and become intoxicating.

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