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Ingredient: Senna leaf, cassia, lotus leaf, jasmine, tangering peel, mulberry leaves, green tea.

Storage type: Cool dry place.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Feature: Decaffeinated, low-fat, low-salt, vitamin, sugar-free.

Additives: 0% additives, 100% Herbal.


14 Day Detox Slimming Tea supports metabolism, reduces bloating, boosts energy, burns fat, nourishes internal organs and relieves constipation. Our detox tea is a combination of pure herbal extract. The process is fast and natural. Our detox tea help cleanse body, purifies blood, strengthen immune system and supports natural weight loss.

Detox Slimming Tea

3 Grams

You can purchase this product In-Person. Since, Hijama Natural Healing is not delivering this product online.

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