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How Often Should Hijama Cupping Therapy Be Applied To A Person?

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Hijama is an Arabic word, derived from Al-Hajm, meaning “sucking”. Hijama Cupping Therapy is an old therapeutic technique to improve the natural immune system and cure several disorders in the human body.

This is a very common question asked by several people how often should a person receive Hijama treatment in a year? Ancient medical scholars and physicians, Avicenna and Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicines, have advocated Hijama cupping therapy in their medical books. From Avicenna to Hippocrates, many ancient Muslim medical scholars and physicians recommended that Hijama Cupping Therapy should be applied at least twice a year. These recommendations would have been correct thousands of years ago when everything was pure and fresh. Back then there were no hormones or chemicals involved in the fertilization of fruits and vegetables. Most of the fruits and vegetables that we eat are loaded with chemicals and pesticides. Toxic chemicals are being used to make vegetables and fruits look fresh and attractive. It is recommended to wash them before use but it does not guarantee safety.

So, according to the current condition, it is not enough to receive Hijama treatment twice a year. The accumulation of toxins over the years could be cleared after Hijama Cupping Therapy is received three to four times a year. Three to four sessions of Hijama a year could be enough for a healthy person. For a healthy individual who exercises regularly, hydrates himself according to his body need takes a healthy, well-balanced diet and regulates his sleep patterns Hijama treatment could be recommended once every three months. Why once every three months?

Blood cells are made in our bone marrow. They are continuously being made and replaced. The lifespan of a red blood cell is around 100 to 120 days. How long a red blood cell lasts before being replaced is called its lifespan. Red blood cells make up almost half of our blood. These cells carry oxygen and nutrients to all of the cells in the body. They also fight infections and control bleeding. These aged cells are filtered by the kidneys and removed by the spleen and lymph nodes in the shape of urine and sweat. Healthy, fresh blood cells can move bent and flow easily in the capillaries and arteries. It is tough for damaged and unhealthy blood cells to move around the vessels so Hijama Cupping Therapy help to increase the speed of the circulation of red blood cells. Hijama makes the replacement of red blood cells easy and convenient.

However, individuals with some health issues may need a Hijama monthly depending on their health condition. For example, skin-related health problems may take more than 7 to 8 Hijama sessions to recover and an individual’s health condition is also considered to decide the number of Hijama sessions. Muscular pains may take 3 to 4 sessions of Hijama treatment. Cleansing or detoxification of the body may take 2 to 3 sessions of Hijama treatment. People who receive Hijama treatment for the first time in their life can perform one session of Hijama treatment every month for 12 months. The accumulation of toxins over the years will be cleared after Hijama cupping therapy is performed once a month. An individual undergoing Hijama cupping therapy for the first time should target all sunnah points present in her body. The recommended times for Hijama are on the 17th, 19th and 21st days of the month to the Islamic or lunar calendar.

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